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Abortion Network Amsterdam works closely with other abortion providers and abortion solidarity organisations. Together with several other organisations in Europe we are a part of the Abortion Without Borders Network. We provide information, support and funding to people in Poland who need abortions.

Abortion Without Borders is an initiative of six organisations in multiple countries working together to help people access abortions at home with pills or abroad in clinics. When you contact us you will speak to a helpline staffed by Kobiety W Sieci, who have been providing counselling and information on pregnancy options and abortions since 2006. Your first call or email will be to Kobiety W Sieci, who will then put you in touch with Abortion Dream Team, Women Help Women, Ciocia Basia, Abortion Network Amsterdam or Abortion Support Network for further help.

Abortion Without Borders launched on 11 December 2019. In our first full year we received 7,007 calls from 5,237 people, helped 2,199 people access safe abortion with pills inside Poland and gave more than £67,320 to 262 people who needed to travel outside of Poland for abortions. While the 22 October 2020 ruling of Poland’s ‘constitutional tribunal’ increased the need for our service, the many protests that occurred after the ruling helped promote our organisation and our ability to help people access abortions. In our second year, we helped almost 32,000 people from Poland to access abortions, including 1,186 people who needed to travel to a clinic abroad.

To support our network financially, please donate here

Official website of Abortion Without Borders